Why I Will Be A Warriors Girl Forever

Why I Will Be A Warriors Girl Forever

I am a 13-year-old middle school student. I am a competitive swimmer and have a twin sister, as well as some amazing and supportive friends. My house is also shared with a cat, Sparks, and two leopard geckos, Frodo and Patrick. I started watching basketball because I have always loved sports and it happened to be on television at the time. I instantly fell in love and was welcomed to the world we all know as fandom, AKA the best thing ever. The Warriors are my team and I watch every game I can. During games, the weight of my day disappears and is replaced with a joy for the game and a thirst for victory, and, in the long run, a championship, though some MVP’s along the way doesn’t hurt. There are always losses and disappointments, but I would never turn on my team. I will be a Warriors Girl forever.

9 thoughts on “Why I Will Be A Warriors Girl Forever

  1. Good luck on your new Blog!!!

    Alrhough… the Boston Celtics truly rock as do the New England Patriots and Red Sox!!! ((-;


  2. Hi from New York City the heart of the boogie down Bronx. Reading your blog sent chills to me, why ? I have a 2 1/2 year old girl who started looking at basketball and when i roll my socks up from washing clothes its game time. Josie grabs one and takes it to the top draw shoots ! Wow keep up girl power.


  3. Steve Kerr says they will be experimenting early. Russell Westbrook is not too happy about my man Durant’s comments about the Warriors being selfless. There is only one basketball so we will see what happens. Your favorite Knick fan.


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