Working Hard – NBA Offseason

It is the offseason, but it is coming to an end. 31 days left!! As much as the offseason is painful and hard for almost every single fan, we have to remember that it is good for our players and teams. The players get to work and train to become better than before, and the teams get to bring in new players and set a game plan for the new season. For example, Stephen Curry has an amazing work ethic and somehow gets better when everyone thinks he cannot. Recently, his trainer had a question and answer and the trainer said he was stronger than ever. Unfortunately, us fans just need to wait it out to see how much the players will actually improve, but for now I take this as a very good sign. Curry has trained to avoid fatigue and to preform at his highest, but injuries have always seemed to plague him, especially his ankle and now his knee as well. If he is actually the strongest he’s ever been, hopefully these injuries can be avoided. I am looking forward to a new season with new challenges for my team to overcome and I know that they will.


Here is the link to the question and answer:

3 thoughts on “Working Hard – NBA Offseason

  1. It’s so hard to wait for something that we love, but you are staying connected to your passion by following their off-season news as well. Very resourceful! Thank you for sharing that with us:)


    1. Same! It should be cool to see how they pull everything together! The knicks aren’t too bad themselves, Porzingis has got some hops. That tunnel shot was amazing =)
      Can’t wait to see how the season plays out!!!


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