First Day of Training

Okay, it’s finally here! No, not the regular season, or even preseason, unfortunately, but TRAINING CAMP!!! Not only does it mean that today was the first day in like forever that I could see all my favorite players shoot, pass, block, and so much more thanks to the Warriors twitter account, I was able to see some tweets from ESPN staff writers. For example, ESPN writer Ethan Sherwood Strauss recently tweeted that Stephen Curry said he planned on coming back to the Warriors in free agency because “I want to be back here.  I like playing here. And that’s it.” When I read this I almost died I was so happy. Obviously, nothing is concrete or in any way shape or form official, but considering I haven’t heard anything about his free agency yet, I will gladly accept an optimistic response as the first one. I really hope Curry stays with the Warriors, as he lead them to their championship and has been the face of their team for a couple of years now. Also, he is a good person and is exceptional on the court. I am excited because Training Camp shows that the season is starting soon and I honestly cannot wait. 28 days! Not like I’m counting or anything, right….

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