Draymond Green – “Give it a break”

Recently, Paul Pierce voiced his opinion on the whole “superteam” and Kevin Durant conversation by saying “When you’re that close as a competitor, you don’t go and join the team that pushed you out.” Now this quote really cannot be taken many ways. Basically, it says “I don’t support your decision, Kevin Durant in joining the Warriors.” Draymond Green is definitely the heart of the Golden State Warriors, and he responded to people blasting KD by saying “Nobody complains when someone leaves Apple and goes to Google. Aren’t they in competition with each other?” and “Aren’t you competitive in your day job if you work for Apple? Don’t you want to outdo Google? What’s the difference on the basketball court? It’s your day job. You want to do what’s better for you.” Green supports Durant’s decision and is excited to play with him, but also shows that he has his teammates back. I have faith in all of the Warriors players to support each other. It is true that a lot of people will see the Warriors as villains, and maybe even more are against super teams, but the moral of this story is that judging another team/player, is wrong. The other players will stick up for them and another thing that is evident is how Green adds “Nobody care what you did or who you did it for. Give it a break.” I think that the other story is not only loyalty, but also how teams shouldn’t be fighting with one another, because it all comes down to the court, not the talking outside of it. Later, once the season is over, no one will remember these quotes, but they will remember who won the championship. I am glad Green showed he isn’t afraid to stand up for his teammates and that he isn’t losing too much sleep over this. With 11 days left before the NBA season,  all of the players should be getting ready. I cannot wait to see how this season plays out and how the Warriors learn to work together and hopefully succeed in winning the NBA championship.

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