Trail and Error – Experimenting

Today, Steve Kerr said that the Warriors will be experimenting in the first few months and that trial and error is expected. I wasn’t too surprised with this comment, because after adding such a big piece in the Warriors puzzle, Kevin Durant, it is obvious that they will need some time to adjust. Even though adjustments are expected, I think that they will fit everything together and find their rhythm faster than most would expect. For example, the Clippers game in the preseason. Yes, preseason means nothing, but there is also nothing to go off of. The first preseason game was to see which lineups worked, primarily, as neither Durant, Curry, Thompson, or Green played more than 20 minutes. That game was lost, but they seemed to rebound fine. In their next two games, they won, the first by a margin of nearly 50. It is true that no one plays the minutes they would if it was regular season or postseason basketball, so this is not expected. The point I am trying to prove is how they won by nearly 50 when Stephen Curry had 14 points. 14 points!? What!? Yes, a mere 14 points and they still able to win more than comfortably. The even bigger point was the ball movement. It was beautiful. They passed to each other and there was no hero ball in any of the games played so far. I feel confident that they will keep this up, and if they do, they can be seriously successful. Even when experimenting, I feel like they will be able to get the wins and make the plays that count, leading up to a postseason where they are rested and ready, which is truly the position for success.

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