Ball Movement – Preseason

While watching the games in the preseason, one thing in particular stood out to me. Ball movement. The way all the players, even at the end of the bench shared the ball with effortless passes and selfless plays, it was truly captivating. Even though there were some sloppy plays and passes that lead to turnovers, those were extremely outnumbered by good ones. With a little more practice, I am confident that the passing and ball movement will be the best I have ever seen. Now 9 days left, the clock is ticking down to opening day. Instead of being nervous and anxious to see if they work together and share the ball, I am excited to see how they share the ball. I am as close to 100% confident as someone can be without actually seeing them play in a regular season game, as I am assured that they will work together and that this team is definitely capable of winning a championship. I cannot wait to see how the season plays out and how the games will look like when people are playing with their normal minutes. NBA, here we come!

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