Starting Out

Okay, so starting out could have been better, but there were still some good things about the first two games. The first game was….bad. Honestly, this was not expected, but I kind of wonder why it wasn’t. They lost about half their team over the offseason and, therefore, gained a new half. I didn’t expect everything to fit together perfectly, but I was definitely not expecting what happened against the Spurs. There was pretty much no defense and they were very disjointed. Fortunately, the coaching staff was able to pull them together for the second game. And while the win in that game was good, there are still some things to work on. For example, there were too many turnovers and sloppy passes, as well as some defensive breakdowns. But altogether, they had good ball movement and were able to pull through for a win. By continuing to learn and grow throughout the season, I am confident in their ability to win the West and the championship. I know that there will be some bumps in the road, but I also know that once they fit everything together, it will be epic. 2 games down, 80 to go in the regular season! Stay strong and keep fighting. #strenghtinnumbers

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