Going to the Game

I had always wanted to go to a Warriors game. Ever since I started watching them, I wanted to be at Oracle. The energy, the experience, everything seemed amazing. I dreamed of being in the arena for what seemed like forever, that is until that dream became a reality. I went to Oracle arena when the Golden State Warriors played the Minnesota Timberwolves. I got to get there early and watch warm ups. At home, I would normally turn the television on a little bit early to watch pregame, but it was nothing like this. I saw every player running, jumping, and attempting and making shots. I was honestly in awe. Unfortunately for this game, Draymond Green couldn’t play due to an ankle injury, but the team stepped up tremendously. When the game tipped, they started on a huge run. At home, I would normally be clapping and similing, but at the game the entire stadium is in their feet, screaming and cheering for their team. The amount of energy and support every fan had was amazing. It also surprised me that you could feel the energy in the back of the stadium extremely strong. I was in the back row of the arena, but it simply didn’t matter to me. It feels amazing and so real when you are at the game. In this game, the Warriors won, lead by Stephen Curry’s 34 points, Kevin Durant’s 28, and Klay Thompsons 22.

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