Klay Thompson’s Night

Well, a few nights ago against the Indiana Pacers was one of the best things I’ve ever seen. Watching Klay Thompson go for 60 in 29 minutes was nothing less than spectacular. It was totally unexpected and amazing. He was in such a rhythm, such a zone, that nothing could stop him. He had 40 points going into halftime, which is where I thought his big night would end or slow down. Most players cool down at halftime if they had a large first half. Little did I know that his “big” night was going to become huge. When Klay went out for the 3rd quarter, it was clear by the first two minutes that he was was still in his zone. He topped his previous career high of 53 with 60, and the other players were in as much awe as the fans were. The bench was freaking out, jumping up and down, similing, laughing, and throwing up the three point sign after every bucket. Steph Curry came up behind Klay after the game and poured a bag of ice on his head. This made it so much better. The fact that the Warriors players can appreciate each others’ success and share the ball when someone is having a great night is going to translate into a fun, exciting, and successful year.

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