Steph’s Back

This is amazing for Warriors fans and terrifying for the rest of the league. Steph is back. The unanimous MVP is finally back on the court. It has taken about half the season and now he has returned to his crown. How do we know? Well, throwing up three pointers a few feet from the arc and making them repeatedly, along with driving to the basket for amazing reverse layups are definitely clues. But the thing that proves all of this? A buzzer beater from half court and a 25 point quarter. The game where he got 9 threes and 25 points in the third was simply awesome. He was making the kind of shots that everyone associates with the Golden State Warriors. He is no longer standing behind Kevin Durant for the entire game. The team is finally coming together. They are finally able to leye¬†everyone have a good number of shot attempts and are averaging over 30 assists. Their games are pure magic and they have so much fun doing so. And the scariest part of it all? They haven’t even reached their best.

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