Hornets at Warriors: 2/1/17

Yesterday at 7:30pm Pacific Time, the Charlotte Hornets faced the Golden State Warriors and it was definitely a show. Both Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson were on fire, with Curry tallying 11 threes and 39 points and Thompson earning 29 points and 6 three pointers. The game ended in a 126-111 victory for the Golden State Warriors

The Splash Brothers didn’t take long to heat up either, as Steph Curry had 6 threes in the first. This lead Steph to play only 30 minutes. Klay also played only 33 minutes. This shows that the players don’t need a lot of time to conquer, and that they were on their game as soon as the clock started.

The team statistics also deserve to be recognized. The Warriors tallied 47 rebounds, 9 being offensive, the other 38 being defensive. The Hornets got a total of 45 rebounds, with 6 being defensive and 39 being offensive. Both teams were amazing in the assists category, with the Warriors getting 35 assists to the Hornets total of 33. Another thing to keep in mind is the precision  and focus, as the teams had 10 turnovers each. The Warriors edged the Hornets in steals, with 9 compared to Charlotte’s 4, and in blocks, as Golden State tallied 12 blocks and the Hornets totaling 3.

The Warriors were dominant throughout the entire game, as the Hornets trailed for the full 48 minutes. The Warriors were most dominant in the 1st, scoring 41 points compared to the Hornets 21. They cooled off slightly in the second, as the Hornets started to heat up, and the Warriors only out scored the Hornets by 1, 36-35. In the third quarter, the Warriors score went down even more, as they totaled 31 points, but still edged out the Hornets, who scored 27. The fourth was the Warriors weakest quarter, scoring only 18 points compared to Charlotte’s 28. Something to keep in mind is that Stephen Curry did not play at all in the fourth, and Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant played limited minutes. The overall score was 126-111, Golden State.

There is one more thing that needs recognition in this game, and it is the power of the Warriors. Kevin Durant was having an off night for Kevin Durant standards, scoring only 18 points on 7 of 17 shooting. If one of the Warriors best players was having an off night, how were they able to dominate the way they did? The answer is the fact that Steph and Klay were going off. The Warriors are powerful enough to be able to rest players and let one of their players have an off night, while still being able to pull out a victory.

Not all things, however, were positive in this game. For example, Draymond Green suffered a injury to his shoulder, and as a result he will not play against the Los Angeles Clippers on February 2nd. I do feel that the Warriors will be able to win without Green, due to their multiple options scoring-wise, not to mention Kevin Durant’s ability to protect the rim.

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