Overview: Warriors at Kings – 2/4/17

Every team has bad nights. I guess last night was our turn. Yesterday, against the Sacramento Kings, in Sacramento, the Warriors lost 106-109 in overtime. The reason? Honestly, they lost because they didn’t play like the Warriors.

The first quarter and about half of the second quarter was alright. There were a few sloppy passes, and they were somewhat out of rhythm, but they were able to get some good shots.  At halftime, however, the wheels came off. The Warriors did not shoot like they normally do and did not pass like they normally do. They didn’t take care of the ball, and there were some careless mistakes. And then Steve Kerr got ejected. The refs were making some terrible calls against the Warriors, and Kerr just got so angry that he went insane. He was tossed after one technical, and honestly, if they hadn’t tossed him after 1, he would’ve gotten another technical.

It seems that the frustration was built up due to their playing style. They did not come out wanting to win, and that was honestly the reason they lost. Their assist to turnover ratio was 22 to 17, compared to their average of 31 to 15. They only shot 41% and they were 19 of 24 from free throws.

Stephen Curry had 35 points, which was a good game. He shot 11 of 20 and had 8 three pointers. He also had 3 turnovers. Kevin Durant was definitely struggling, shooting only 20%  and finishing with 3 turnovers. Klay Thompson finished with 26 points, but it simply wasn’t enough.

The Warriors were tired, unfocused, and out of sync. I have faith that the next time they play, they will come out strong and will get a win.

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