All Stars: Three Point Contest

Recently, Stephen Curry decided to skip the All Star Three Point Contest, which means we will only have one Warrior, Klay Thompson in the contest. Obviously, I love watching Steph play, but rest is always good. The less Steph Curry plays know, the better he will be in the playoffs, and since the championship is the ultimate goal, it was a good choice. When asked about skipping the contest, Curry said “I told myself I was going to do it until I won. And then I won. And then I had to defend. And then Klay beat me. So it’s a little bit of an internal battle. But honestly, this All Star Weekend is kind of the slowest, schedule wise, I’ve had and I wanted to capitalize off that rest.” I honestly think that the choice proved the self control and maturity of Steph because everyone who has ever seen him play knows he loves it. He has so much fun on the court, but he is not letting the attention and action distract him or blind him. Also, Klay Thompson is amazing, so watching him by himself will be pretty cool. I think the Splash Brothers definetly have a chance of getting another trophy.

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