What Zaza Pachulia’s Injury Means

A few days ago, Zaza Pachulia suffered a shoulder injury. Of course, this isn’t ideal, but what does it really mean? How will it affect the Warriors? I think that Zaza’s injury will affect them, but not seriously. The Warriors do not have the strongest defense, and already are at a disadvantage to most teams when it comes to rim protection. As Pachulia is one of our main defenders and rim protectors, we lose defense, which is definetly harmful. However, Golden State knows how to step up. When Curry was out, the Warriors stayed strong and ultimately won the game. When Green has been out, the Warriors find a way to win. I think that the main problem will be mental. If the Warriors get psyched out and think they cannot win, they will not come out with true intenisty, even if they want to, because in their minds they will have already lost. If the Warriors, however,  come out with the normal determination and confidence, they will be able to pull out a win. Something that could potentially happen is another player getting injured from the added minutes, like what happened to Andrew Bogut when Green was out in the 2015-16 postseason. Why I do not find this extremely worrisome is that the Warriors still have Durant, Green and Javale McGee. This means that, unlike in the 2015-16 season, there are multiple players we can depend on to step up on the defensive end. Stay strong, Warriors, and never lose sight of your goals!

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