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What Zaza Pachulia’s Injury Means

A few days ago, Zaza Pachulia suffered a shoulder injury. Of course, this isn’t ideal, but what does it really mean? How will it affect the Warriors? I think that Zaza’s injury will affect them, but not seriously. The Warriors do not have the strongest defense, and already are at a disadvantage to most teams when it comes to rim protection. As Pachulia is one of our main defenders and rim protectors, we lose defense, which is definetly harmful. However, Golden State knows how to step up. When Curry was out, the Warriors stayed strong and ultimately won the game. When Green has been out, the Warriors find a way to win. I think that the main problem will be mental. If the Warriors get psyched out and think they cannot win, they will not come out with true intenisty, even if they want to, because in their minds they will have already lost. If the Warriors, however,  come out with the normal determination and confidence, they will be able to pull out a win. Something that could potentially happen is another player getting injured from the added minutes, like what happened to Andrew Bogut when Green was out in the 2015-16 postseason. Why I do not find this extremely worrisome is that the Warriors still have Durant, Green and Javale McGee. This means that, unlike in the 2015-16 season, there are multiple players we can depend on to step up on the defensive end. Stay strong, Warriors, and never lose sight of your goals!

All Stars: Three Point Contest

Recently, Stephen Curry decided to skip the All Star Three Point Contest, which means we will only have one Warrior, Klay Thompson in the contest. Obviously, I love watching Steph play, but rest is always good. The less Steph Curry plays know, the better he will be in the playoffs, and since the championship is the ultimate goal, it was a good choice. When asked about skipping the contest, Curry said “I told myself I was going to do it until I won. And then I won. And then I had to defend. And then Klay beat me. So it’s a little bit of an internal battle. But honestly, this All Star Weekend is kind of the slowest, schedule wise, I’ve had and I wanted to capitalize off that rest.” I honestly think that the choice proved the self control and maturity of Steph because everyone who has ever seen him play knows he loves it. He has so much fun on the court, but he is not letting the attention and action distract him or blind him. Also, Klay Thompson is amazing, so watching him by himself will be pretty cool. I think the Splash Brothers definetly have a chance of getting another trophy.

Overview: Warriors at Kings – 2/4/17

Every team has bad nights. I guess last night was our turn. Yesterday, against the Sacramento Kings, in Sacramento, the Warriors lost 106-109 in overtime. The reason? Honestly, they lost because they didn’t play like the Warriors.

The first quarter and about half of the second quarter was alright. There were a few sloppy passes, and they were somewhat out of rhythm, but they were able to get some good shots.  At halftime, however, the wheels came off. The Warriors did not shoot like they normally do and did not pass like they normally do. They didn’t take care of the ball, and there were some careless mistakes. And then Steve Kerr got ejected. The refs were making some terrible calls against the Warriors, and Kerr just got so angry that he went insane. He was tossed after one technical, and honestly, if they hadn’t tossed him after 1, he would’ve gotten another technical.

It seems that the frustration was built up due to their playing style. They did not come out wanting to win, and that was honestly the reason they lost. Their assist to turnover ratio was 22 to 17, compared to their average of 31 to 15. They only shot 41% and they were 19 of 24 from free throws.

Stephen Curry had 35 points, which was a good game. He shot 11 of 20 and had 8 three pointers. He also had 3 turnovers. Kevin Durant was definitely struggling, shooting only 20%  and finishing with 3 turnovers. Klay Thompson finished with 26 points, but it simply wasn’t enough.

The Warriors were tired, unfocused, and out of sync. I have faith that the next time they play, they will come out strong and will get a win.

New Faces

Recently, the Warriors have waived power forward and center Anderson Varejao to acquire D-League player, Briante Weber. Varejao joined with the Warriors last February and was an extremely important player and part of the team. His help, particularly on defense, was vital, but due to the myriad of players on the Warriors, he has only played 92 minutes throughout the 2016-17 season. Also, Weber is a guard who has some quickness that Varejao lacks. When Steve Kerr was talking about their new player, he said “I’ve watched some tape on him over the last month or so. Our scouts really like him. Very athletic and defensive-minded.” The part that stands out the most to me is the “defensive-minded” part of the quote, as we need all the defensive help we can get, due to the fact that the Warriors lost their starting center Andrew Bogut and a few other players over the summer to add Kevin Durant. I think that Weber’s youth and energy, along with his 37.5 three point percentage will make him a good fit for the team. But we will only truly find out on the court, and as Weber is signed on a 10 day contract, he has to prove a lot in a short period of time. Luckily, the Warriors play the Sacramento Kings tonight at 7:30pm, pacific time, where he will play his first minutes as a Warrior.

Preview: Warriors at Clippers – 2/2/17

Tonight, February 2nd, the Warriors will play the Los Angeles Clippers at Staples Center. With a lot of injuries and on the back end of a back-to-back, the Warriors will have to bring their A game and play with intensity for a full 48 minutes, but I am confident that they will pull out a win.

The last time these two teams faced off was recent, on January 28, when the Warriors were propelled to a 144-98 victory by Stephen Curry’s 43 points. The Warriors had 48 rebounds, 15 more than the Clippers’ 32. The Warriors also had a total of 35 assists, compared to the Clippers, who tallied 24. The Warriors also edged the Clippers in steals, as they had 9 and the Clippers had 7, and in turnovers, where the Warriors had 11 and the Clippers had a few more, who totaled at 14. The Warriors were also ahead in free throw, three point, and free throw percentage, having 62% in field goal, 50% in three point, and 81% in free throw. All of those numbers are great. The Clippers finished with 43% in field goal, 42% in three point, and 63% in free throw.

Something to keep in mind is that the Warriors had a special night. Stephen Curry was going off. He was in the zone. The Clippers, on the other hand, were without their starting point guard, Chris Paul. Curry had an amazing third quarter, outscoring the entire LA team, 25-23. Today, the tables will be somewhat flipped, as the Warriors are missing starting center Zaza Pachulia, starting power forward, Draymond Green, backup power forward David West, and backup point guard Shaun Livingston. Even though these players aren’t star scorers, their absences will cost the Warriors considerable depth and rim protection.

For total stats, the Warriors seem to have the edge. Golden State averages a league high 118.1 points per game, and the Clippers are ranked 7th, averaging 108.2 points per game. The Warriors are averaging 45.2 rebounds per game, and the Clippers average 43.6 rebounds per game. The Clippers have the slight advantage in offensive rebounds, with 9.4 a game compared to the Warriors 9.0, but the Warriors make up for it in defensive rebounds, averaging 36.2 compared to the Clippers 34.1 rebounds per game. The Warriors have the considerable edge in assists per game, averaging nearly 10 more than the Clippers, with 31.1 assists per game compared to the Clippers 22.4 assists per game. The Warriors also have the advantage in steals, averaging 9.4 per game, whereas the Clippers have only 7.7 per game. The last category where the Warriors have the upper hand is in blocks, as they currently average 6.5 blocks per game and the Clippers are currently averaging only 4.8 blocks. That said, the Clippers have the advantage in turnovers, averaging only 13.2 compared to Golden State’s 15.1.

If the Warriors keep their turnovers low and their assists high, along with staying extremely alert on defense, it will be a good game. If the Warriors, however, are careless with the ball and on defense, this game could get away from them quickly. I have faith that they will start with an intensity and a drive that will ultimately propel them to coming out of the game with a victory.

Hornets at Warriors: 2/1/17

Yesterday at 7:30pm Pacific Time, the Charlotte Hornets faced the Golden State Warriors and it was definitely a show. Both Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson were on fire, with Curry tallying 11 threes and 39 points and Thompson earning 29 points and 6 three pointers. The game ended in a 126-111 victory for the Golden State Warriors

The Splash Brothers didn’t take long to heat up either, as Steph Curry had 6 threes in the first. This lead Steph to play only 30 minutes. Klay also played only 33 minutes. This shows that the players don’t need a lot of time to conquer, and that they were on their game as soon as the clock started.

The team statistics also deserve to be recognized. The Warriors tallied 47 rebounds, 9 being offensive, the other 38 being defensive. The Hornets got a total of 45 rebounds, with 6 being defensive and 39 being offensive. Both teams were amazing in the assists category, with the Warriors getting 35 assists to the Hornets total of 33. Another thing to keep in mind is the precision  and focus, as the teams had 10 turnovers each. The Warriors edged the Hornets in steals, with 9 compared to Charlotte’s 4, and in blocks, as Golden State tallied 12 blocks and the Hornets totaling 3.

The Warriors were dominant throughout the entire game, as the Hornets trailed for the full 48 minutes. The Warriors were most dominant in the 1st, scoring 41 points compared to the Hornets 21. They cooled off slightly in the second, as the Hornets started to heat up, and the Warriors only out scored the Hornets by 1, 36-35. In the third quarter, the Warriors score went down even more, as they totaled 31 points, but still edged out the Hornets, who scored 27. The fourth was the Warriors weakest quarter, scoring only 18 points compared to Charlotte’s 28. Something to keep in mind is that Stephen Curry did not play at all in the fourth, and Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant played limited minutes. The overall score was 126-111, Golden State.

There is one more thing that needs recognition in this game, and it is the power of the Warriors. Kevin Durant was having an off night for Kevin Durant standards, scoring only 18 points on 7 of 17 shooting. If one of the Warriors best players was having an off night, how were they able to dominate the way they did? The answer is the fact that Steph and Klay were going off. The Warriors are powerful enough to be able to rest players and let one of their players have an off night, while still being able to pull out a victory.

Not all things, however, were positive in this game. For example, Draymond Green suffered a injury to his shoulder, and as a result he will not play against the Los Angeles Clippers on February 2nd. I do feel that the Warriors will be able to win without Green, due to their multiple options scoring-wise, not to mention Kevin Durant’s ability to protect the rim.

Preview: Hornets at Warriors – 2/1/17

Today, the Golden State Warriors will play the Charlotte Hornets at Oracle Arena, the Warriors’ home stadium. Let’s dive into this matchup and see each team’s strengths and weaknesses.

The Hornets are coming off of a back to back loss against the Portland Trail Blazers in Portland. This situation is always difficult. It is hard enough for a team to bounce back from a loss, but a loss on a back to back where both games are on the road is even more difficult. The Warriors, on the other hand, have not played since Sunday night, when they beat the Portland 113-111. Another thing to keep in mind is that Stephen Curry did not play on Sunday due to the stomach flu. It is clear that the Warriors are the most rested team, and that one of their star players has also had some more rest.

Currently, the Warriors are first in the West division with a record of 41-7 and a win percentage of 85.4%. The Hornets are eighth in the East division with a record of 23-26 and a win percentage of 46.9%. Also, the Warriors have a three game win streak and the Hornets have a five game loss streak. The last time the two teams played each other, on January 25th, the Warriors pulled out a 113-103 victory. The Warriors had a field goal percentage of 47%, compared to the Hornet’s percentage of 41%. The Warriors also had a three point percentage of 39% and the Hornets recorded 30%. The one category where the Hornets edged the Warriors was in free throw percentage, as the Hornets recorded a 95% free throw percentage, compared to the Warriors percentage of 85%.

The total team statistics are also something that should be examined. The Warriors have a league best average of 118 points per game. The Hornets are 16th overall with an average of 105.1 points per game. The Warriors and Hornets are both averaging exactly 45.2 rebounds a game, with the Hornets averaging slightly more offensive rebounds and the Warriors making up for that in defensive rebounds. The Warriors are also averaging 31 assists per game, compared to the Hornet’s 23.3 average. This is somewhat made up for in turnovers, as the Hornets only average 12.1 turnovers a game, compared to the Warriors 15.2 turnovers per game. The Hornets also trail statistic wise in both steals and blocks.

Currently, it seems all odds are in the Warriors favor, as they are ahead in nearly all statistics and Stephen Curry is back in the lineup. But there is one more thing left to consider; injuries. The Warriors starting center, Zaza Pachulia, has been ruled out for tonight’s game with a strained rotator cuff, and the Warriors backup power forward, David West has also been ruled out with an injured thumb. It is true that the Warriors lose depth and rim protection due to these injuries, but the Warriors always fight, even when they do not have their full team. For example, in their last game, they were missing Steph Curry but they were still able to pull out the win. Granted, the game was closer than they probably would have liked, but that does not matter in win percentage.

I think that if the Warriors come out strong and determined, with confidence and a strong desire to win, they will achieve their goal. A focussed Warriors team is a dangerous Warriors team, and I believe that they will show up big time.