Steph’s Back

This is amazing for Warriors fans and terrifying for the rest of the league. Steph is back. The unanimous MVP is finally back on the court. It has taken about half the season and now he has returned to his crown. How do we know? Well, throwing up three pointers a few feet from the arc and making them repeatedly, along with driving to the basket for amazing reverse layups are definitely clues. But the thing that proves all of this? A buzzer beater from half court and a 25 point quarter. The game where he got 9 threes and 25 points in the third was simply awesome. He was making the kind of shots that everyone associates with the Golden State Warriors. He is no longer standing behind Kevin Durant for the entire game. The team is finally coming together. They are finally able to leye¬†everyone have a good number of shot attempts and are averaging over 30 assists. Their games are pure magic and they have so much fun doing so. And the scariest part of it all? They haven’t even reached their best.

Klay Thompson’s Night

Well, a few nights ago against the Indiana Pacers was one of the best things I’ve ever seen. Watching Klay Thompson go for 60 in 29 minutes was nothing less than spectacular. It was totally unexpected and amazing. He was in such a rhythm, such a zone, that nothing could stop him. He had 40 points going into halftime, which is where I thought his big night would end or slow down. Most players cool down at halftime if they had a large first half. Little did I know that his “big” night was going to become huge. When Klay went out for the 3rd quarter, it was clear by the first two minutes that he was was still in his zone. He topped his previous career high of 53 with 60, and the other players were in as much awe as the fans were. The bench was freaking out, jumping up and down, similing, laughing, and throwing up the three point sign after every bucket. Steph Curry came up behind Klay after the game and poured a bag of ice on his head. This made it so much better. The fact that the Warriors players can appreciate each others’ success and share the ball when someone is having a great night is going to translate into a fun, exciting, and successful year.

Going to the Game

I had always wanted to go to a Warriors game. Ever since I started watching them, I wanted to be at Oracle. The energy, the experience, everything seemed amazing. I dreamed of being in the arena for what seemed like forever, that is until that dream became a reality. I went to Oracle arena when the Golden State Warriors played the Minnesota Timberwolves. I got to get there early and watch warm ups. At home, I would normally turn the television on a little bit early to watch pregame, but it was nothing like this. I saw every player running, jumping, and attempting and making shots. I was honestly in awe. Unfortunately for this game, Draymond Green couldn’t play due to an ankle injury, but the team stepped up tremendously. When the game tipped, they started on a huge run. At home, I would normally be clapping and similing, but at the game the entire stadium is in their feet, screaming and cheering for their team. The amount of energy and support every fan had was amazing. It also surprised me that you could feel the energy in the back of the stadium extremely strong. I was in the back row of the arena, but it simply didn’t matter to me. It feels amazing and so real when you are at the game. In this game, the Warriors won, lead by Stephen Curry’s 34 points, Kevin Durant’s 28, and Klay Thompsons 22.

Starting Out

Okay, so starting out could have been better, but there were still some good things about the first two games. The first game was….bad. Honestly, this was not expected, but I kind of wonder why it wasn’t. They lost about half their team over the offseason and, therefore, gained a new half. I didn’t expect everything to fit together perfectly, but I was definitely not expecting what happened against the Spurs. There was pretty much no defense and they were very disjointed. Fortunately, the coaching staff was able to pull them together for the second game. And while the win in that game was good, there are still some things to work on. For example, there were too many turnovers and sloppy passes, as well as some defensive breakdowns. But altogether, they had good ball movement and were able to pull through for a win. By continuing to learn and grow throughout the season, I am confident in their ability to win the West and the championship. I know that there will be some bumps in the road, but I also know that once they fit everything together, it will be epic. 2 games down, 80 to go in the regular season! Stay strong and keep fighting. #strenghtinnumbers

Ball Movement – Preseason

While watching the games in the preseason, one thing in particular stood out to me. Ball movement. The way all the players, even at the end of the bench shared the ball with effortless passes and selfless plays, it was truly captivating. Even though there were some sloppy plays and passes that lead to turnovers, those were extremely outnumbered by good ones. With a little more practice, I am confident that the passing and ball movement will be the best I have ever seen. Now 9 days left, the clock is ticking down to opening day. Instead of being nervous and anxious to see if they work together and share the ball, I am excited to see how they share the ball. I am as close to 100% confident as someone can be without actually seeing them play in a regular season game, as I am assured that they will work together and that this team is definitely capable of winning a championship. I cannot wait to see how the season plays out and how the games will look like when people are playing with their normal minutes. NBA, here we come!

Trail and Error – Experimenting

Today, Steve Kerr said that the Warriors will be experimenting in the first few months and that trial and error is expected. I wasn’t too surprised with this comment, because after adding such a big piece in the Warriors puzzle, Kevin Durant, it is obvious that they will need some time to adjust. Even though adjustments are expected, I think that they will fit everything together and find their rhythm faster than most would expect. For example, the Clippers game in the preseason. Yes, preseason means nothing, but there is also nothing to go off of. The first preseason game was to see which lineups worked, primarily, as neither Durant, Curry, Thompson, or Green played more than 20 minutes. That game was lost, but they seemed to rebound fine. In their next two games, they won, the first by a margin of nearly 50. It is true that no one plays the minutes they would if it was regular season or postseason basketball, so this is not expected. The point I am trying to prove is how they won by nearly 50 when Stephen Curry had 14 points. 14 points!? What!? Yes, a mere 14 points and they still able to win more than comfortably. The even bigger point was the ball movement. It was beautiful. They passed to each other and there was no hero ball in any of the games played so far. I feel confident that they will keep this up, and if they do, they can be seriously successful. Even when experimenting, I feel like they will be able to get the wins and make the plays that count, leading up to a postseason where they are rested and ready, which is truly the position for success.

Draymond Green – “Give it a break”

Recently, Paul Pierce voiced his opinion on the whole “superteam” and Kevin Durant conversation by saying “When you’re that close as a competitor, you don’t go and join the team that pushed you out.” Now this quote really cannot be taken many ways. Basically, it says “I don’t support your decision, Kevin Durant in joining the Warriors.” Draymond Green is definitely the heart of the Golden State Warriors, and he responded to people blasting KD by saying “Nobody complains when someone leaves Apple and goes to Google. Aren’t they in competition with each other?” and “Aren’t you competitive in your day job if you work for Apple? Don’t you want to outdo Google? What’s the difference on the basketball court? It’s your day job. You want to do what’s better for you.” Green supports Durant’s decision and is excited to play with him, but also shows that he has his teammates back. I have faith in all of the Warriors players to support each other. It is true that a lot of people will see the Warriors as villains, and maybe even more are against super teams, but the moral of this story is that judging another team/player, is wrong. The other players will stick up for them and another thing that is evident is how Green adds “Nobody care what you did or who you did it for. Give it a break.” I think that the other story is not only loyalty, but also how teams shouldn’t be fighting with one another, because it all comes down to the court, not the talking outside of it. Later, once the season is over, no one will remember these quotes, but they will remember who won the championship. I am glad Green showed he isn’t afraid to stand up for his teammates and that he isn’t losing too much sleep over this. With 11 days left before the NBA season, ¬†all of the players should be getting ready. I cannot wait to see how this season plays out and how the Warriors learn to work together and hopefully succeed in winning the NBA championship.