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Preview: Hornets at Warriors – 2/1/17

Today, the Golden State Warriors will play the Charlotte Hornets at Oracle Arena, the Warriors’ home stadium. Let’s dive into this matchup and see each team’s strengths and weaknesses.

The Hornets are coming off of a back to back loss against the Portland Trail Blazers in Portland. This situation is always difficult. It is hard enough for a team to bounce back from a loss, but a loss on a back to back where both games are on the road is even more difficult. The Warriors, on the other hand, have not played since Sunday night, when they beat the Portland 113-111. Another thing to keep in mind is that Stephen Curry did not play on Sunday due to the stomach flu. It is clear that the Warriors are the most rested team, and that one of their star players has also had some more rest.

Currently, the Warriors are first in the West division with a record of 41-7 and a win percentage of 85.4%. The Hornets are eighth in the East division with a record of 23-26 and a win percentage of 46.9%. Also, the Warriors have a three game win streak and the Hornets have a five game loss streak. The last time the two teams played each other, on January 25th, the Warriors pulled out a 113-103 victory. The Warriors had a field goal percentage of 47%, compared to the Hornet’s percentage of 41%. The Warriors also had a three point percentage of 39% and the Hornets recorded 30%. The one category where the Hornets edged the Warriors was in free throw percentage, as the Hornets recorded a 95% free throw percentage, compared to the Warriors percentage of 85%.

The total team statistics are also something that should be examined. The Warriors have a league best average of 118 points per game. The Hornets are 16th overall with an average of 105.1 points per game. The Warriors and Hornets are both averaging exactly 45.2 rebounds a game, with the Hornets averaging slightly more offensive rebounds and the Warriors making up for that in defensive rebounds. The Warriors are also averaging 31 assists per game, compared to the Hornet’s 23.3 average. This is somewhat made up for in turnovers, as the Hornets only average 12.1 turnovers a game, compared to the Warriors 15.2 turnovers per game. The Hornets also trail statistic wise in both steals and blocks.

Currently, it seems all odds are in the Warriors favor, as they are ahead in nearly all statistics and Stephen Curry is back in the lineup. But there is one more thing left to consider; injuries. The Warriors starting center, Zaza Pachulia, has been ruled out for tonight’s game with a strained rotator cuff, and the Warriors backup power forward, David West has also been ruled out with an injured thumb. It is true that the Warriors lose depth and rim protection due to these injuries, but the Warriors always fight, even when they do not have their full team. For example, in their last game, they were missing Steph Curry but they were still able to pull out the win. Granted, the game was closer than they probably would have liked, but that does not matter in win percentage.

I think that if the Warriors come out strong and determined, with confidence and a strong desire to win, they will achieve their goal. A focussed Warriors team is a dangerous Warriors team, and I believe that they will show up big time.

Starting Out

Okay, so starting out could have been better, but there were still some good things about the first two games. The first game was….bad. Honestly, this was not expected, but I kind of wonder why it wasn’t. They lost about half their team over the offseason and, therefore, gained a new half. I didn’t expect everything to fit together perfectly, but I was definitely not expecting what happened against the Spurs. There was pretty much no defense and they were very disjointed. Fortunately, the coaching staff was able to pull them together for the second game. And while the win in that game was good, there are still some things to work on. For example, there were too many turnovers and sloppy passes, as well as some defensive breakdowns. But altogether, they had good ball movement and were able to pull through for a win. By continuing to learn and grow throughout the season, I am confident in their ability to win the West and the championship. I know that there will be some bumps in the road, but I also know that once they fit everything together, it will be epic. 2 games down, 80 to go in the regular season! Stay strong and keep fighting. #strenghtinnumbers

Olympics? I think not.

As many already know, Steph Curry decided to withdraw from the Rio Olympics 2016, which will start soon. Of course, my first reaction was disappointment, but then I realized it was for the best. Considering all the injuries Steph has had in the 2015-16 season, especially in the postseason, the offseason should be used for rest. Now, going into the 2016-17 season, Steph will be healed and able to play at his best, which will be better in the long run and for the season in general. Even though I wanted him to play, I would actually prefer he rest and save his energy. Anyways, we still have Draymond, Klay, and KD to watch.

Welcome to DubNation, KD

Welcome to DubNation, KD

As many people may know, Kevin Durant has recently joined the Golden State Warriors. This change filled me with joy because who wouldn’t want Kevin Durant, right? Haters will be haters and people are already called the Warriors and Kevin Durant “villains” but, in all honesty, I am happy to have him here. Yes, it did come with costs, such as losing our awesome starter, Harrison Barnes, but I feel like this is for the best and I am excited to see what will happen in another magical season, this time ending with a championship. Thanks for coming to the Warriors, KD!

Let Draymond be Draymond

Let Draymond be Draymond

Honestly, Draymond Green is a player filled with heart and a fiery passion for victory, the game, and his team. Some people just need to get off his back. Yes, he has done some things that have gotten him in trouble but he is human, as we all are. Draymond Green is one of my favorite players because he can be the heart of the team and he really puts everything he has into every game. He is honest and knows what he does wrong, as well as apologizes and tries his best to fix it but, as said by Draymond himself, “Being me has gotten my this far.” That is one of my favorite quotes of all time because he is being himself and is playing with one of the biggest appetites for victory I have ever seen. I am happy to have him on the Warriors.

Why I Will Be A Warriors Girl Forever

Why I Will Be A Warriors Girl Forever

I am a 13-year-old middle school student. I am a competitive swimmer and have a twin sister, as well as some amazing and supportive friends. My house is also shared with a cat, Sparks, and two leopard geckos, Frodo and Patrick. I started watching basketball because I have always loved sports and it happened to be on television at the time. I instantly fell in love and was welcomed to the world we all know as fandom, AKA the best thing ever. The Warriors are my team and I watch every game I can. During games, the weight of my day disappears and is replaced with a joy for the game and a thirst for victory, and, in the long run, a championship, though some MVP’s along the way doesn’t hurt. There are always losses and disappointments, but I would never turn on my team. I will be a Warriors Girl forever.